Hair Loss

If you’re experiencing hair thinning, Eliteclinic is right here for you due to the fact you’re now no longer the most effective one! Statistics display that 85% of fellows be afflicted by a few sort of hair loss via way of means of the age of 60. Male sample baldness is one of the important reasons of hair loss nowadays, and it happens whilst the hair follicle shrinks over time, ensuing in shorter and thinner hair till the follicle will not develop new hair again. It will negatively have an effect on men’s look and self-confidence. However, the graft will live alive, which shows that it’s miles nevertheless viable to develop new hair via way of means of making use of a hair transplant procedure.

Whether male sample baldness become resulting from a collection of genes, emotional stress, hypothyroidism, Alopecia Areata, lupus, chemotherapy, aging, anabolic steroids, hormones, or burns, Hair Transplant stays the high-quality manner to deal with it permanently.

hair loss

Male Hair Transplant Methods

In our clinic, we use the modern clinical technology withinside the area of Hair Transplant to fulfill all our clients’ needs. Hair Transplants in Elite Clinic are operated via way of means of an skilled clinical group of expert surgeons with ten years of enjoy on the minimum.

The technique utilized in a hair transplant operation varies concerning the variety of follicles transplanted, the density of the donor area, and the finances assigned for the operation. Your Elite Clinic professionals are the fine to suggest you on which technique to choose.

Our Latest Hair Transplant Methods

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This approach is satisfactory used whilst harvesting is as much as 5000 hair follicles from the donor place one after the other to implant them withinside the recipient place following the herbal path and intensity of the present hair for a herbal assured result. Mega Follicular Unit Extraction (M.FUE) is FUE periods with as much as 7000 extracted follicles.
  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI): Unlike FUE, in DHI, the hair follicles are implanted one after the other immediately from the donor to the receptor place, while not having to anticipate all of the follicles to be gathered after which implanted afterward. Each hair follicle is positioned in a particular path, angle, and intensity, offering most density.
  • Robotic Hair Transplant: This is the world’s ultra-modern hair transplant era, and it has minimized the time. It is a era that plays the operation below the supervision of your professional physician to present the satisfactory, maximum accurate, and herbal consequences ever in much less than 1/2 of of the same old time of the operation.

Hair Transplant Journey

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